Controlling LED with Cylon.js


(Notice: Before studying this section, be sure to finish firmata section)

In this section, we are going to use the famous open source project Cylon.js on Nodejs to control LED.


Control LED needs

(as the firmata section)

  • LED x 1
  • Resistor x 1
  • A few DuPont wires

Circuit diagram

(as the firmata section)


MCU side

MPU side

  • ssh into LinkIt Smart 7688.

  • Generate a folder named 'app':

          > mkdir app && cd app
  • Generate app.js:

          > vim app.js
  • Install cylon, cylon-firmata, cylon-gpio, cylon-i2c package:

    • Due to the same reason as firmdata, node-gyp actions will cause too long running time on LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo. So we recommend using the same way as the firmata to install these four packages.
    • For detailed procedures, please refer to firmata section.
  • After confirming above four kits is installed at /node_modules folder, add app.js in the root directory (/app):
          vim app.js
  • After pressing the i key, enter:
var Cylon = require('cylon');

    connections: {
        arduino: { adaptor: 'firmata', port: '/dev/ttyS0' }

    devices: {
        led: { driver: 'led', pin: 13 }

    work: function(my) {
        every((1).second(), my.led.toggle);
  • Press ESC, then enter wq! to save and leave.
  • Enter node app.js to see see lights on the board flashing.
  • Done!

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