LinkIt smart 7688 x Nodejs


本電子書適合給想在 LinkIt smart 7688 版子上面開發豐富的 Nodejs application 的玩家們閱讀。

同時也因應世界潮流,本電子書會未來會循序漸進至少提供2種語言(中文. 英文)


This e-book is suitable for the players who want to develop various kinds of Node.js applications in LinkIt smart 7688 board to read. Besides, in response to the global trend, this e-book will be gradually provided at least in two languages (Traditional Chinese. English.)


  1. 若您對本書細節有任何疑問想修改,歡迎至此 github 提交您的 PR :

  2. 本電子書也向大眾徵稿,如果您有更好的 idea 或者是文章想貢獻歡迎至 github 提交您的 PR ( 請記得檔案/文章/內文要符合規範) 審核通過後我會把它納入本書章節之中。


  1. If you have any questions about the details of the book you want to modify, welcome to go to this github and submit your pull request.

  2. This e-book is also called for papers to the public, if you have a better idea or would like to contribute articles, welcome to go to the github and submit your pull request. (Remember all archives / articles / contents should be meet the specifications.) After auditting, I'll include them in the corresponding chapter in this book.

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